Hillary's Long Fight for Affordable Health Care

By Peter Daou and Tom Watson

With the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama has cemented the cornerstone of his legacy – a strong and important new piece of the American social safety net, and proof of the important role government can and should play in everyday lives.

As she celebrated that decision, Hillary characteristically looked forward, while remembering the long road to public healthcare:

I’ve fought for the promise of quality, affordable health care for every American for decades. And I’m not going to stop now. Anyone seeking to lead our country should stand up and support this decision.

She also took sharp aim at President Obama’s political opponents:

Republicans in Congress have waged a sustained attack against this promise.  They’ve voted more than 50 times to repeal or dismantle the law, roll back coverage for millions of Americans, and let insurers write their own rules again – all without proposing any viable alternatives. Now that the Supreme Court has once again re-affirmed the ACA as the law of the land, it’s time for the Republican attacks to end. It’s time to move on.

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but the evidence is clear: it’s working. Sixteen million Americans have gained coverage. Millions of young people are able to stay on their parents’ plans. Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against people with preexisting conditions or charge women higher rates just because of their gender. 

Republicans should stop trying to tear down the law and start working across party lines to build on these successes.

There is no greater guarantee that the ACA will be preserved and supported by the next Administration than electing Hillary president. And there is no better way to extend and improve its provisions either.

Hillary has fought for public healthcare for more than two decades. She has taken her share of lumps along the way, but she has never backed down. As #HillaryMen, we see her tenacity on this issue over the course of a generation as one of the key qualities that sustains our support for her.

And we also loved this tweet:


Peter Daou and Tom Watson founded #HillaryMen to provide actionable analysis of the 2016 campaign focusing on the gender barrier in U.S. politics. Peter is a former senior digital adviser to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative. He is a veteran of two presidential campaigns (Kerry '04 and Clinton '08). Tom is an author and Columbia University lecturer who advises companies and non-profits on social activism.