On Track for History: After Winning Both GOP Debates, Hillary Shines at Dem Debate

By Peter Daou and Tom Watson

What happens when the anti-Hillary media filter is lifted and she isn't hijacked by email server questions?

The public sees a brilliant, powerful, experienced leader. Someone who is on track to demolish the ultimate gender barrier in American politics.

As dedicated progressives, we are fans of Bernie Sanders and have been for years. He had one of the great moments of the debate when he said America was "tired of hearing about the damn emails!"

How right he is.

The first Democratic debate was a major inflection point, where America got to see why Hillary is the best candidate to succeed President Obama. And it was a wake up call to the media and commentariat, whose incessant focus on arcane server questions has been a national embarrassment. 

Political observers have already declared Hillary the winner of the Democratic debate. We're less interested in calling a winner than in reiterating this fact: Hillary is a singularly qualified presidential candidate, with a unique combination of skills, accomplishments and personal attributes.

That she's a woman matters, a lot. Electing Hillary will be a history-changer for women and girls, for equality and justice.

We've always been proud to be #HillaryMen. Prouder still after her incredible debate showing.

Here are some of the reactions we enjoyed reading...


Peter Daou and Tom Watson founded #HillaryMen to provide actionable analysis of the 2016 campaign focusing on the gender barrier in U.S. politics. Peter is a former senior digital adviser to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative. He is a veteran of two presidential campaigns (Kerry '04 and Clinton '08). Tom is an author and Columbia University lecturer who advises companies and non-profits on social activism.